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Local Health and Care Record Exemplar

System: Greater Manchester Digital Platform

GM Digital Platform

Problem Statement

Across all healthcare settings, we see the below same challenges faced by all service providers in Primary and Secondary care, Local Health Authorities and community care.

  • Up to date clinical information not accessible at the point of care
  • Lack of access to patient data within secondary care settings can lead to delayed discharge / longer LoS
  • Previous test orders and results not visible often resulting in duplicate orders.
  • Unsuitable referrals made by NWAS, 111 & Out of Hours due to limited access to relevant care records
  • Patients are often required to repeat their information and stories (history, medications, results, priorities and expectations etc.)
  • Some admissions to hospital can be inappropriate as care could be better provided elsewhere in a more appropriate care setting.
  • Patients taken to hospital against their wishes due to End of Life care plans not being accessible to all.
  • Lack of visibility of prescribed medications can make treatment and decision making difficult.
  • Patient’s condition(s) worsen when up to date information is not shared and acted upon quick enough.

All these issues and more inevitably lead to difficult decision making, reduced quality of care, increased costs and duplication and unnecessary use of appointments and resources throughout GM Healthcare.

What was the solution?

To respond to all the mentioned problems and deliver solutions to each using the Digital Platform, we focused our initial attention on producing a 2-way interoperable shared record.

Dementia and Frailty are the first areas to commence roll out (July). Launching in Tameside then Salford, Trafford and Stockport before the remaining locality across GM. The shared record will:

  • Ability to update and/or read real time information at the point of care in any care setting
  • Improve the quality of care and reduce gaps between care providers giving clinicians the ability to make the right choices based on up-to-date information.
  • Prevent duplicate orders for tests by providing up to date requests and results. 
  • Increase and provide visibility of other care setting’s current & past interventions to Out of Hours services, NWAS & 111
  • Provide the patient’s up-to-date diagnosis and conditions to inform and permit improved appropriate care 
  • Make available the patient’s story to prevent them having to repeat in different care settings 
  • Offer visibility of care plans across all care settings including End of Live and DNR documents - Electronic Palliative Care Coordination System / ACP Access 24x7
  • Visibility of prescribed medications both current and historic (up to 6 months)
  • Raise visibility of social care packages and named social workers

What are the Benefits.

Real-time information in any care setting

A standardised and collaborative approach to patient care at all stages, within all care settings.

Improved quality of care

The right care at the right time through early interventions, via an evidence-based approach.

More effective communication

A reduction in the gaps between care providers offering better communication and decision making.

Better use of resources

The management of resources becomes far more efficient, removing duplication and inappropriate use of resources across all localities.

Reduced costs

Cost avoidance throughout GM due to freeing up unnecessary administrative time, duplication, tests and bed days. Further annual savings will increase as more GPs & Care homes come on board.

Information Sharing

The ability to share the patient's electronic records with Carers and Health and Social Care professionals

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